Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In a Groove.....

I have to say that there's just really not much going on these days that's "blog worthy". :) (not that anything I put on the blog is truly blog worthy.... just a little bit of life in our neck of the woods). That being said, I'm feeling like we're in a pretty good groove currently. Jake just turned 5 1/2, and maybe that's the magic turn around time in the year of being 5. He's always been a pretty amazing little man to be around, but there's times that I can definitely do without the attitude and some of his behaviors. :) We're wrapping up another round of swimming lessons and he just started tae kwon do-- which he seems to LOVE. He's a pretty intense/competitive kid and keeping him active keeps him quite happy. :) He has told me that he doesn't want to swim on a swim team until he's old enough to be good enough to win ALL of his races, and after two classes of tae kwon do, all he talks about is the different colored belts and how he wants to get ALL the colors!!!! We're definitely trying to teach him that it's OK to not be perfect and the best at everything and making mistakes is OK too. :) And, did I mention that I register him for kindergarten next week?? My sweet, little baby is heading off to school!!!

Little Miss Grace is also in a great mode right now. Her language is blooming and there just aren't as many frustrations during the day. She still can sport quite the 'tude, but she snaps out of it pretty quickly. Her new found love is being outside. Grace is not the most agile little one (might need to head back to some physical therapy), but.... it makes my life pretty easy. She won't climb down stairs or get herself into sticky predicaments-- she's not a risk taker!!! So, for the past two days she has played out on the back deck for over 2 hours straight!! The yard is still a wintery, mucky mess, so I brought a few of the larger yard toys up on the deck and she's a happy little camper. The deck is right off the kitchen, so I just keep the back slider open a bit, and Grace just entertains herself forever!!!! It's heaven!! Tonight I had to coax her in because it was dinner time and it was dark outside-- she didn't want to come in. Too funny.

(Yes, she's still wearing her brother's hand me down snow boots. She LOVES them. She HAS to wear them whenever she goes outside!!)

One last thing. Has anyone read this book? I just ordered it. I've heard some great things about it and I'm pretty excited to read it. If you've read it, let me know what you think.

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Amy said...

I too have heard good things about that book and want to read it.

Nice little update.. and some great toys in the backyard. Our poor backyard is bare and boring.


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