Friday, March 26, 2010

And that's all I have to say about that!! :)

So... to escape from the pity party I was having.... I took the kids to visit my grandma and to play on the beach. I knew THE call wouldn't come today since our case worker was out of the office.... so I tried to just have fun and love on my kiddos!!! :)

And, no need to feel sorry for Grace for "falling" in the water. My crazy girl wanted to go swimming!!!!!! She did that on purpose! Yep-- she keeps us on our toes!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nothing new....

We're trekking through our day to day. I never thought that I'd be posting that we hit AND passed the 4 month mark of waiting. Things just seemed to moving so much faster when we started the process. But, it's moving at God's perfect pace and I can truly, truly say that I'm OK with that. I think my mind had been saying I was ok with the wait, but my heart wasn't. But, I think I'm getting better at waiting. Lately, I've just been surrounded by "patience" and "waiting". I'm doing a Beth Moore study right now on the Fruits of the Spirit-- awesome!!! And, I have the faith that I know we will be greatly blessed in our wait. Because, the adoption journey just isn't about being matched with your child and then bringing them home. That is just a very small piece. God is working in all of the steps. He's working in me right now as I wait. He's working in our boy. He's working in my family at home. He's working in the people that hear about our adoption. This is His story. We just are the ones that are being blessed as we continue on this journey with Him. And, I am excited (and yes, a little nervous too) to see how our story unfolds. Though it may not be what I had planned-- we'd be traveling this month if things went according to MY plan!!-- I know that God's plan is going to be so much better than anything I could have come up with!!!!

But, in the waiting, life continues. Time is flying. The kids are growing up way too fast. I want to savor my days.... for who knows what tomorrow may bring!

But, last week brought a pretty rockin' first real haircut for Grace!!! Seriously.... she has an amazing fro! I guess that's the way to cut her hair-- picked all the way out, and then the gal used clippers to shape the fro!! Grace ate up every moment of her time at the salon. She LOVED it! :)

and... my guy lost his two bottom teeth! Sooooo cute!!!
If I were to capture a photo that says "Jake"-- this would be it!! He's a LEGO maniac. He got his new LEGO kit in the mail the other day (he's part of the Brickmaster club!!) Notice he still has his backpack on! Went straight from the bus stop to the table to start building!!!

And my little lady.... captured this just on the back deck. She plays out back every day, rain or shine. On the deck, in the dirt, making mud pies, singing songs, and talking to, well... I don't really know... but she talks nonstop to whoever she thinks is outside playing with her!!! :)

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