Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daddy's gift

The daddy bought his daughter a new dress for Valentine's day! I tried it on Grace tonight and before I even had it all the way on, she kept saying pretty and touching her dress. (now, I think this is the first time I've ever heard her even use the word pretty). As soon as she had it on, she said, "Daddy?", "Jacob?" And then proceeded up the stairs calling out to her two favorite boys of the house. She knocked on Jacob's door and then walked in a said "pretty" as she touched her new dress!!

Little girls and their dresses! Too cute!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The 2's-- here we come!!

It's hard to believe that Grace will be two in a couple more months.... but her behavior is a daily reminder that it's right around the corner!!! She is becoming quite the personality-- the good and the bad. She's VERY independent and I now have "that child" that screams bloody murder in public-- like when I'm being so mean and not letting her walk through the parking lot all by herself, and she refuses to hold my hand. I know, soooo mean of me!! Her new favorite word is "mine"! Yikes. That one snuck up on me. And you should see the attitude she gives when she's in her no-no spot. Our rule is that you have to say sorry to get out of the no no spot. There's times where she refuses to say sorry and she puts herself back in her no no spot!!!!! But..... the fun spunk that's coming out, the more talking and singing she is doing, the more pretend play-- from making LOTS of food for everyone in the family to singing goodnight and rocking her baby dolls..... it's worth dealing with and embracing all of the "naughtiness" because the good is just way too GREAT!!!

I will share my thoughts on what I see as a prejudice between boys and girls. Having a boy who's ALL BOY, I've definitely had my fair share of subtle and NOT so subtle looks and comments about Jake (especially in the 2-4 stage). But, what I'm now noticing is that Grace is starting to show some of those same and typical 2 year old behaviors. The thing is, when a little boy does it, he seems to be described with negative terms-- naughty, aggressive, difficult, etc. and little girls have more positive terms used for the same behaviors- sassy, spunky, free spirited, saucy, independent, etc. Hmmmmm...... things I think about these days.

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