Monday, November 19, 2007

A New Ethiopian Movie

Trying to spread the word about a new Movie/Documentary that's trying to take roots. It's called "Bewoket- By the Will of God". (click on the title to be taken to it's website.) Here's a brief summary:

The idea for the film began in 1998. Dr. Rick Hodes was speaking in a synagogue in London, in an effort to raise awareness of his work.
Rick’s story was immediately inspiring. It was an opportunity for a personal and intimate inquiry into the life of a relief worker- what it is that makes a person leave everything and go to Africa, and what it is that makes them stay there.

In April of 1999, Sam traveled to Ethiopia and spent Passover with Rick and his family. He was able to capture Rick’s daily life in the clinic, as well as revealing interviews with various family members.
On his visit to Rick's house, Sam met Bewoket, the title character. Bewoket's personality and his desperate struggle for life against all odds made him a perfect hero. Tens of thousands of children die each year in Ethiopia, and Bewoket is a survivor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My BFF Ruby!

Fun, fun, fun! We met Natalie and Ruby tonight for dinner and some shopping!! What a treat. Grace and Ruby were in our agency's orphanage together and Ruby went home one week before we brought Grace home. Their cribs were right next to each other and they're 2 weeks apart!! They were so cute together. They just kept looking at each other, smiling, touching, etc. They remembered. :) We got lots of oohs and ahhs tonight-- but who wouldn't-- they're two of the cutest baby girls around!! :) And many people asked us if they were twins! (but that might be due to the fact that their corny moms dressed them in matching pjs!!)

Grace's newest face: She's learned to make "raspberries" and does it ALL the time!! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Days!

My kiddos----- I'm so blessed by the two most precious babes. Jake is head over heels in love with Grace! It's fun to hear my words come out of him. I hear... in a higher pitched girl voice.... "Hi little lady. How's my girl doing? I sure love you, etc...." It's a kick! And when I pick him up from preschool, he has to give Grace and hug and a kiss before he does anything else. And then they hold hands in the backseat all the way home!!! And Grace--- you should see the looks she gives him! She's in LOVE with brother.

And my big girl-- weighing 15.5 pounds.... in the 45th% for weight now!!! Who would have thought that she was only 4.8 pounds at 9 weeks!!!!! And she's started solid foods and loves it!

(I just can't get enough of the sparkle in her eyes!!)


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