Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting HARD!!

OK. Who am I kidding. It's not getting hard, it's already been extremely hard!!! We have been "unofficially" sitting at #1 for a 4-5 year old boy for 8 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days!!! I could be reflective about the wait, how I know it's strengthened me, etc..... but today, I'm just tired. Tired of "waiting".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Captured by the curls!

I have to say..... Grace LOVES her hair! She talks about it, always requests to wear it "big"-- "no braids, mommy"-- and whenever anyone makes a comment about it, she always says, "thank you. my mommy made it!!" (melts my heart) A few weeks ago I put in about a dozen box braids. I just really needed to slather it with oil and moisturizer and keep it healthy.
The braids lasted 2 weeks!!! YEAH! Over the weekend, I took them out. The morning I took them out, Grace said, "I just can't stop talking about my big hair! I need to go up to my room and look in the mirror." And she proceeded to admire her hair and dance in her mirror for the majority of the morning!!!
Yesterday. Grace knew she was going to get her hair cut. She had been telling everyone over the weekend that Tete, an Ethiopian lady, was going to cut her hair. She was thrilled! Her hair appointment lasted 1.5 hours. She washed and conditioned it. Combed it out. Blew dry it straight--wowza!!! And then trimmed all the dry ends!! Grace was loving every second of it!!
The rest of the day, Grace admired her hair! She wanted to show everyone. She was constantly touching it. I think it's super cute, but honestly, I love the curls. They are Grace. Her hair is as big as her personality!

But... I say all of this because I LOVE the fact that Grace LOVES her hair. It's different. She gets A LOT of attention for it. She could (and someday may)-- get tired of the attention. But now, I will enjoy the time we get together when I do her hair. I will capture the smiles and silly faces she makes in the mirror while flipping her hair around. I will continue to do my homework and learn more and more about her hair and how to keep it natural and healthy. I am blessed by all that is my daughter!!! She is my ray of sunshine.

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