Sunday, July 31, 2011

1st days home!

Who would have thought these first few days would have been this joyful?!? What an amazing, care-free, FUNNY, darling boy he is! He has jumped into our family with two feet and is ready for anything. :) I know we will be dealing with "stuff" as the days, weeks, months, years..... pass by. But in this little moment, I'm soaking in the smiles, hugs, and a few sweet kisses on the cheek. :) He has gone from calling me momma, to "mommy-yeah" (obviously, not the correct spelling), but my Ethiopian friend told me it means "my mommy". I'll take him claiming me. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Papa and his boy!

Mike arrived in Ethiopia on Saturday night, and by Sunday afternoon he had Marshet!!! The first moments were a little rough, but Mike said he quickly warmed up and was soon calling him Papa and talking a mile a minute in Amharic!! :) They've been playing together ever since.... outside at the guesthouse, playing cars and blocks inside, and I think they're heading to the pool together tomorrow. :) They have a King size bed, but sometime in the night, Marshet wiggles and squirms until he's snuggled right up next to his papa!!! The updates have been melting my heart. It's hard not being there, but I know we made the right decision for me to stay home with our other two kiddos. Plus, the bonding that Mike and Marshet are getting is truly priceless.

their first meeting! (Mike is thrilled, but Marshet looks a little scared)

a little play time to break the ice
picked out his own outfit for his Embassy appointment. He said, "Bat-a-man!!"

post-Embassy lunch out.

Mike said he's a good eater. LOVES his veggies!!!

Playtime at the guest house with his buddy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

cleared for take-off!!

FINALLY!!! This has been a crazy journey, but we have officially been cleared through embassy and it looks like we might be traveling at the end of July to bring our son HOME!

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