Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st snow.... and other stuff!

December 1st and we had our 1st snow!! Jake would play in the snow all day/all night if we let him! We're a snow family, so thank goodness Grace seemed to enjoy her first encounter in the snow. Hopefully this will lead to fun snow shoe and x-country ski outings this winter!

Grace is starting to sit! It's been fun to be able to put toys around her and watch her really enjoy playing with them. :) I've been looking forward to this stage; I missed this stage with my son. He decided to crawl before he turned 5 months, so he crawled before he could even sit! I never got to enjoy the "playing by them self and knowing that they're not going anywhere" stage! We baby proofed early with Jake! Also, discovered these two CDs. I think at least one will make it's way into a stocking this Christmas!
African Lullaby African Playground



Adorable pictures Suzi! I also have another really great ET CD but I've lent it out and can't remember the name. I'll get it soon though! It is all in Amharic!

Heber and Chalonn said...

Looks like Grace likes the snow as much as Jake...did she throw any snowballs???

Julie_JoshB said...

okay i agree we TOTALLY should have called you! Lets have a conference call this week okay Trace!!!!! Me, u and Suz!! also.....we are a little crazy..putting the same post on both blogs!!!!!!!!!!! Gracie looks soooooo cute in that outfit in the snow...Jake too holding her! I love it, we must get together after we all have our babies...i dont care if its another 15 hour plane ride...(did i say that) xoxo

John and Heather Needles said...

Awwww! Thanks for those sweet pictures. Too cute! Thanks for those CDs as well. It is always nice to see what everyone finds for their little ones! I look forward to hearing about the one Jen has too!
Continued blessings,


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