Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Christmas Tree

Getting and decorating our Christmas tree has become one of the most treasured traditions of our family. It didn't really start out this way, but has definitely turned into one of our favorite memory making adventures of the Christmas season. We start by going to a tree farm and cutting down the "perfect" tree (sometimes a bit Charlie Brownish.... but perfect in our eyes). This year, for Grace's first tree cutting experience, we did it in the pouring rain, but with snow still on the ground. She was bundled in the front pack with my rain coat wrapped around her. (unfortunately it was too wet for the camera to come out!) But, we found one, brought it home and let it dry out in the garage before bringing it in the house. So, tonight, the ornaments came out, the Christmas music was turned on, and the fun began! We don't have a "theme tree", and it definitely won't win any awards for the most beautiful tree... but it tells a wonderful story! A memory is attached to every ornament- from one from Disneyland, where we got engaged, one from our first anniversary, a Snowbaby in memory of my dear friend (who had an extensive collection of Snowbabies) who died in a plane crash in 2001, to an angel that I made when I was a little girl with the little plastic beads that you put in the metal frame of the ornament and then put in the oven to melt (and it creates the most noxious smell throughout the entire house!!). Now there's many Jake ornaments-- all on the bottom branches this year-- right where he wants them, of course! We've started the tradition of giving each other a new ornament in our stocking, that represents something from the year. Jake has a dinosaur one, a robot, train, plane.... things that he was interested in during that particular year. And now, the blessing of getting Grace her first ornament! I so wish that I could have found an ornament in Ethiopia. Believe me, I looked. And, as the kids grow, their ornament collection grows too. And when they marry-- that collection of ornaments (and hopefully the memories and stories) will go with them to their own home and own Christmas tree.

What a treasure it is to have Grace home with us this year, to add one more to our family, and another special ornament to the tree that tells a wonderful story of her 1st Christmas with her new family.


Heber and Chalonn said...

Suzi...its absolutely beautiful! Love the memory lane it has become...and such great ideas!!

Mindypannell@mac.com said...

What about hanging an Ethiopian Coptic Cross from a ribbon as Grace's ornament?

blackwell family said...

I like your Starbucks cup! Your tree looks great.


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