Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

Well, we just returned from our annual winter get-away and what a winter wonderland it was! Every year between Christmas and New Year's we rent a cabin in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains (about a two hour drive for us) with my parents. It was perfect. A wonderful way to unwind. Jake is a snow machine-- he spends more time out in it than in the cabin-- and comes in coated head to toe-- but he doesn't care! ( ALL boy!!) Grace seemed to enjoy it too. It was pretty cold this year, so she stayed quite bundled, but she seems to be an outdoorsy one, just like big brother. We took her on her first snow shoe adventure and she was all smiles until she fell asleep for the majority of the trek! My mom and I reflected one evening and remembered that at the cabin last year, we were talking about adoption and saying that we were anxious to get home and send in our application to START the adoption process. And a year later..... well, needless to say that we're a VERY blessed family with a VERY amazing little girl! (She even rolled over from back to front-- she was struggling in getting over that tummy of hers. Grace also has no motivation to crawl, but if you hold her hands, she'll walk all over the place!!!) These next few months might get a little interesting. :)

Enjoy the pictures of God's awesome creation! Hard not to reflect on His beauty in a place like this. :)


The Hausams said...

Oh my word, how gorgeous!!! I've only been in snow like that a few times and it just knocks my socks off to see how beautiful it is! I'm so glad you had such a lovely time with your folks... Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing you soon! :D xoxo

TedTracie said...


I just put your picture up on my fridge... I can see your precious family every day now :-)


Tracie in TN

Julie_JoshB said...

Looks so nice! I miss the snow in NY! No snow in TN! I missed u when u were gone! Happy u are back my adoption counselor!

The Marshalls said...

What awesome pictures....truly the good life!!
Could you email me or comment on where to stay in Ethiopia. We are planning on staying at the Union for the first 3 days and are wondering if we should transfer to the Sheraton after this. We are going to get our Gracie in one week. We are a AGCI family.

Jennie Marshall


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