Monday, November 19, 2007

A New Ethiopian Movie

Trying to spread the word about a new Movie/Documentary that's trying to take roots. It's called "Bewoket- By the Will of God". (click on the title to be taken to it's website.) Here's a brief summary:

The idea for the film began in 1998. Dr. Rick Hodes was speaking in a synagogue in London, in an effort to raise awareness of his work.
Rick’s story was immediately inspiring. It was an opportunity for a personal and intimate inquiry into the life of a relief worker- what it is that makes a person leave everything and go to Africa, and what it is that makes them stay there.

In April of 1999, Sam traveled to Ethiopia and spent Passover with Rick and his family. He was able to capture Rick’s daily life in the clinic, as well as revealing interviews with various family members.
On his visit to Rick's house, Sam met Bewoket, the title character. Bewoket's personality and his desperate struggle for life against all odds made him a perfect hero. Tens of thousands of children die each year in Ethiopia, and Bewoket is a survivor.


Julie_JoshB said...

you are hysterical! yes i will get on that today but the babys room isnt done yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have something else in mind though...check back. I miss talking to u this week! :)

The Hausams said...

Oooooh, very cool!

John and Heather Needles said...

I enjoy networking with other AGCI families as well. I have been enjoying your blog for awhile. I'm just not a very good blogger yet! I have to tell you that your Gracie is absolutely beautiful. You have a blessed family! God Bless and thanks for following our adoption journey.

Bewoket The Film said...

thank you for linking to our film!
Let me know if you're interested in hosting a screening!



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