Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We're home!!!!

One of our first nights at home. Jake was really hoping that Grace could sleep with him! By the way... I love this picture because I can see the same big, beautiful round eyes and great curly hair of both of my kiddos! God has a great sense of humor. :) He settled for feeding her and knowing that her room was right next door to his and that there was only a wall that separated their beds from one another!! He's one special little guy!
Big brother Jacob is as proud as can be!! He is quite the lover and helper. On June 20th, we received our referral of a 7 week, 4.3 lb. baby girl. It was the call we had been waiting for, but quite the surprise of such a young little one. Were we a bit nervous?? Yes. Did we believe, however, that this was the baby girl that God had chosen for us? Definitely! Was it hard to be half a world away from such a small little peanut and just trusting God and the special mothers that Grace would be OK? You better believe it! But..... God IS good and we have the most precious, amazing little girl we could have ever dreamed of!!!
And look at her now! 4 months, 9.9lbs. and doing great! She's been melting the hearts of everyone that meets her. She's a love!

OK- back to Ethiopia. One of the families in our group stayed at the Sheraton. Here I am with Grace on their balcony. Quite a view! We (and the other 2 families) had a pool party at the Sheraton one afternoon! Thanks Hausams!!!

One of our many lunch outings. This was at Kaldi Coffee Cafe. A total Starbuck's remake-- right down to the black outfits with green aprons on all the employees!

The happy moms and their kiddos!!
The most amazing "Special Mothers". These 2 ladies gave Grace all the love, attention, and food that kept her healthy and happy. (I think Grace was held most of the time!!)

Lori is an amazing woman!!! She and her husband adopted Hope. Prior to coming to Ethiopia, she was nervous about having a daughter since she has only raised 2 sons (age 16 and 20). Does she look apprehensive now?!?! Lori and Hope look like they've been mother and daughter their entire life. God has blessed them both!

Mike made a little friend at one of the orphanages.

I know most of the Ethiopia adoptive families have read "There Is No Me Without You". Well, a book should be written about this most amazing, Godly woman as well! She's the director of Hannah's Hope and the most incredible woman, with a heart and vision for the orphans of Ethiopia. It was an honor just to be able to spend the week with her. Mike and I feel indebted to her for Grace's life!! She's the one that took in Grace from the Government orphanage and saved her. God's glory shines through her!

Our group!! I know people travel together in groups to pick up their kiddos... but I think we had the best group ever! We had so much fun together. Our trip was truly blessed because of the fabulous families that we got to share it with.

More stories, pictures, and adventures to come. This is all I could do tonight!!

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The Hausams said...

YEA! I loved your post, loved the pics, loved spending a week with you guys in ET. We're settling in at home, too, so so so grateful for our little angel. Isn't God incredible? I kind of can't believe we were just there together. It's surreal. Give Gracie a big kiss from her Auntie Laurie! :)


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