Friday, September 7, 2007

A few photos

Just had to add some sweet pictures of Grace!!! She's getting bigger and stronger by the day. When we first picked her up, she had zero neck/head control. Now, she sits up (with help) and LOVES to stand as much as possible!!! Could it be all the baby exercises Daddy does with her??

Oh so happy......

Sweet and serious....

Someone seemed excited to be in their bathing suit!!
And big brother... on his 1st day of Pre-K!!



Oh my goodness Suzi, she is just adorable!! Can you believe you have finished this journey! How amazing!
jen in mi

Julie_JoshB said...

Suzi..i love how u geled her hair and then put a clip in it! so beautiful. how are u doing?

HeidiD in CT said...

She's beautiful! And so is her big brother :) Thanks so much for the tips - I need all the help I can get at this point!!! We hope to update the blog from there - I just read through yours - so much good info - THANK YOU!!

Renee said...

You're family is so beautiful and what a precious little girl! My husband and I just received our referral last week for our son Keller 18mo and daughter 4 years old!


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