Saturday, August 4, 2007

Future Rock Star

OK- this isn't adoption related... but we've got time for some fun while we're getting ready to travel!! So, last weekend we went to Tall Timber Ranch (the church camp where Mike counseled the Sr. High and led music for many, many years). It was the camp's Staff Reunion. Mike was going to sing one of his infamous camp songs during the skit night and Jake decided he was going to perform too. Well, he's hooked on "Meant to Live" by Switchfoot and watches the video and practices his air guitar routine in his room daily(with the door closed because he says he doesn't want anyone watching his practice!). Being that he's in a very shy stage right now (he's 3 1/2) we didn't really think he would get up on stage... but we were wrong!!! I think we have a future rocker on our hands!!

**Just had to add that I think Jake is totally obsessed with Switchfoot! He now combs his hair like the "Switchfoot guy", he doesn't want me to cut his hair (it's curly and it just gets huge and poofy if I don't cut it), and whenever anyone comes over to the house, he makes them watch one of the many versions of the "Meant to Live" video that he has on his computer!! Seriously, doesn't this happen at 15, instead of almost 4?!?!?


CougSteve said...

Jake you ROCK, totaly awsome dude!!
Hendricks family:)


Hey Suzi, those are lamp shades from IKEA!! You have them too! Funny! I also found a beautiful doll at Family Christian Stores for $30 (use a coupon on this). She is just adorable and has short black curly hair and the best cloths! They are called Faith Friends, I think!
jen in mi


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