Monday, September 12, 2011

So much to say.... but I only have the energy for pictures!!

I didn't want to be "that blogger" that dropped out of the blogging world once our adoption was "completed". I have wanted to blog so many times, but then... I don't. I'll be honest. It's been HARD! We had about a week of a honeymoon period, and then life picked right back up! Everything was textbook behavior-- from all 3 kiddos, but it still didn't make it any easier. We've been trying to set some serious boundaries around here, with a lot of resistance at times, well... most of the time!! :) I don't think sweet M had really ever been told "no". And I think his adorable little smile got him almost everything he ever wanted! So, yes, add that to the list of the hundreds of ways his little world has been totally turned upside down.... and I truly understand the reasons behind all of his behaviors. That doesn't mean that Mike hasn't come home from work and found the kids playing and me, hiding from the children, in the garage, while crying. :) It's been HARD. But..... we are coming out of the funk and are having incredible moments, hours, and even days!!!!! Starting school has done wonders for EVERYONE!!!! Structure and routine= more successful days. Everyone has said, "It will get better." It's hard to believe that when you're in the middle of huge fits and meltdowns, but it's true. It's better. And, it keeps getting better. He is one, cute, AMAZINGLY special little boy!!!!

My sweet friend took our pictures last night!! :)


Kathleen said...

I love your new family pictures!

Rebecca said...

Glad things are getting better. And after reading this I'm feeling guilty that I didn't check in with you more to see how you were doing!

Love the family pictures. Such cute kids and a cute family!


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