Friday, September 16, 2011

One full week of school... and everything else, under our belt!

It's Friday!! We are ALL exhausted, but we survived the week!!! This summer was pretty mellow, especially August, as we were hunkering down as a new family of 5. So..... the first full week of school took us from mellow (schedule-wise) to insane!!! 2nd Grade, pre-K, swim lessons for little ones started, swim team started up again for Jake, 1st Scout meeting (they are only once/month-- of course it had to start this week!!) This week also brought Marshet's 5th birthday!!! And.... 2 doctor appointments and an evening/night at the ER with Grace--(bad asthma attack due to a cold), and a dentist, ENT, and chiropractic appointment, and meeting for church for me. GOOD GRIEF!! Thankfully, next week is looking pretty quiet. :)

Birthday boy-- Lightening McQueen FAN!!!!

1st day of 2nd grade

2nd grader's fan club!!!
1st day of Pre-K!!!


Christy. said...

SO adorable!! We used the same signs. :)

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ethiopix said...

What a beautiful family.

God Bless!


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