Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And we still wait....

We should be really good at this by now, but... it's still hard. Especially when we are SO CLOSE to the end! I thought it was near, but then it slipped away again. I thought court and getting our MOWA letter would be the trickiest part, but it looks like getting cleared through Embassy is proving itself tough. After Hillary Clinton left Ethiopia, and the Embassy opened back up, our "new" documents were going to be submitted today (instead of Monday like we had thought), and I truly thought we'd have our Embassy date by the end of the week. But... they now want a new document, which really doesn't exist, so I'm praying, praying, praying, that a good 'ol "clarifying things" conversation will be had very soon and we will get the green light. Because really, if an explanation of the "issue" doesn't work, I'm not sure what Plan B would be.

Until then........

(after re-reading this post, I realized that I used the words "I thought...." a lot. There's my problem. Assuming things during an adoption!!! I should know better by now!!!)

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