Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 Years!

Two years ago today, we started the adoption process to bring home our son! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our boy would still be in Ethiopia..... but we'll continue to fight this battle until he is home!

We have this sweet face to keep our spirits up!


Darcee said...

He is PRECIOUS. I will be PRAYING your son is HOME in your arms SOON! ♥

Rebecca said...

Come on good news!! He is SO adorable.

autumn's dizzy thoughts said...

delurking to offer support. We are in a similar situatiuon but an additional document was needed for court, one that was not standard until a few weeks ago for abandonment cases. That sent us reeling too...and our MOWA letter is still not there. We had court first May 29, then June 3rd and have yet to hear anything. Your son is soso adorable. We are adopting a 3 year old little boy, with special needs...i am hoping we both get the documents we need

Kirstin C said...

Got your comment and I will definitely send you pictures from Gondar! Send me your email address and a note - I'm starting a "to do" list for our trip and I'll put y'all on there! My email is yklj@hotmail.com


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