Monday, January 5, 2009


We have entered a pretty fun stage around here.... one Jake has been waiting for since I think the first time we walked through the front door with Grace. The two are actually starting to really play together. Grace is getting a bit older and "getting it" more. They are just so cute together. Jake is an awesome big brother who has daily tea parties with Grace. He'll play with her baby dolls with her and with her kitchen. Grace LOVES her baby dolls and it's fun to watch her "feeding" and loving her babies! But, the two also spend lots of times building towers with the big Duplo blocks (and Mike noticed that Grace was building a tower only with the same sized blocks. She'd dig through the tub and even toss out the ones that didn't "match" her tower.) And even though Grace loves her "girl stuff", she also has daily light saber battles with Jake and she loves his Star Wars guys-- especially the R2D2 that makes noise. They play "Star Wars" in his room together-- too fun. I think Jacob is also pretty happy that Grace is talking more, even though her current favorite phrase is "No, no, Jacob!!" He carries on these conversations with her that just crack me up. He'll just say things like, "remember when we went out to coffee together and then came home and played games?" She'll just start busting up laughing and it will spur him on to make up other funny stories. Now don't get me wrong.... they don't always play peacefully together. Grace doesn't really understand the fine art of sharing and taking turns and Jacob is trying to learn that you just have to give in a little bit more when playing with a one year old versus another 5 year old buddy. :) It's a balancing act, but it's pretty fun to watch. Though we have to reign him in sometimes and use the word "feedback" for Jacob (still working on reading people's verbal and nonverbal clues to what they like, and especially don't like him doing).... my truly spirited boy is thriving having a sibling to play with. :) Somehow I've been blessed with 2 quirky, funny, independent, strong-willed, sweet, loving, busy kids! (though some days I do have to remind myself that it's a blessing... because it's pretty exhausting too!!! :) )

"Tea Time"

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