Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Sunshine for the Soul

I was feeling the need to post so my "negative nelly/tired mom" post wasn't lingering at the top. On Saturday we took an impromptu day trip out to find the sunshine! We've had some pretty crazy weather here-- record snow, torrential rain/severe flooding, and we ended this past week with crazy, thick fog! I don't remember the sun shining since before Christmas. So.... we were craving it. We found it out at a beautiful beach and had a great family day. We started with breakfast at a pancake house, a fun ferry ride, a pretty car drive, great play time at the beach, fish and chips for dinner, and a ferry ride home and into bed!!! I think we need to do fun family adventures more often. :)

The start of the trail to the beach. Yes we're dressed more like we're ready for snow, but it was only 39 degress!

It started out foggy, but the sun broke through pretty quickly, phew!

We may not be able to "see Russia from our front door", but that is Canada across the straight!
Everybody needs their own "Napolean Dynamite moon boots"!!

And lastly, we sing Grace a little good night ditty every night (Night night Gracie....) and she has now started singing her own version of it to her baby dolls! She even starts singing it when we tell her it's time to go to bed. Of course she wouldn't sing much of it since I pulled out the camera, but it's still pretty cute!


Amy said...

True or false I am jealous of where you live and the kind of day trips you are able to have.


Looks like fun in the sun.

"Indescribable" said...

Great family day!


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