Thursday, June 11, 2009

morning time

I just love the times when they're playing and working together. As Grace gets older, these times definitely increase. I'm listening to them saying, "pretty, nice picture, wow, etc....." as they draw pictures together. :)

Enjoying these sweet and simple times.


Karen said...

I love this! I so love when the kids are getting along!

Andrew and Amber said...

YOUR KIDS ARE SO DARLING! Hope you are doing well. I have appreciated your comments and prayers. I am not sure if I will be coming to the get together. Depends on when we will be traveling. I haven't heard dates yet. I'll let you know when I hear.

Amy Bottomly said...

oh how Silas needs a little sister to play with!! I can't wait for him to have a constant playmate! :)
Cute picture!

JonesEthiopia said...

What a precious picture!

Michael said...

Your kiddos are so sweet!!!! I love it!!

be_a_Mary said...

It is so lovely those simple moments ... I've been having those lately with my kids too. Makes me smile. I know I will miss them ten years from now.


Suzi, I'm using Mixed Chicks in Aleena's hair though I may go back and add to that Curly Q's milkshake. I also need to get an oil for her scalp. Her hair isn't too dry but she is always digging at her scalp which drives me crazy as she makes it bleed! I really need to braid it I think for a while since we go to the pool everyday for her sibling's swim team lessons and then we'll go camping soon. Just seems easier to have it braided for those occasions, don't you think?


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