Saturday, November 8, 2008


Thank you everyone for your prayers for Grace. She is finally starting to feel better. It's been a LONG week! She still has quite a rattling chest and the cough and GROSS runny nose is still hanging on, but she's breathing much better and she's not gagging/choking/throwing up from all the mucus as much! Praise God. She's actually been quite spoiled this week.... we've been trying to avoid most things that would make her mad/make her cry. The crying fits would put her into quite a coughing fit. Now, it's going to be another long week of undoing the spoiling and getting back to reality. :) Lucky me!!

Now Jacob has the start of a cold. He usually doesn't get too sick-- just cranky. Hmmmm...... kind of sounds like his dad!!!


Hauswife said...

Hey, cool new design! I likey!

LOL, poor Mike getting dissed on the blog. :P I'm glad your little schnookums is feeling better! xo

Jocelyn said...

Glad to hear that Grace is starting to feel better, this respiratory stuff stinks:-(

Dawn said...

Glad the little ones are feeling better. The costumes - too cute!!

Jana said...

You have such a sweet family! Glad to her your little lady is better, having your babies sick is the worse. We leave next week with the Peltz family to go get our little guy! Your blankets are very cute!

Michael and Michelle said...

I tagged you:)


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