Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our God is Huge!

That is what Almaz said last night as she saw all of her babies with their new families. What a treat it was to be able to see Almaz (the director of Hannah's Hope orphanage) last night. The last time we saw her was last August when we went to pick up Grace. And the last time Almaz saw Grace, she was a tiny 9 lb. little bundle! But, when we saw her last night, she reached out saying, Birhan, Birhan! (Grace's given Ethiopian name) Almaz LOVES, gets to know, and remembers every single child that comes into Hannah's Hope! She told me that her job is hard, exhausting, and that it's sad when she has to say goodbye to her children. But, she said that seeing them home with their families and being attached and confident in a family makes it all worth it! She truly is an angel! She was beaming the entire night! It was wonderful to be able to not only spend the evening with her, but with all of the other families, and AGCI staff as well. (Even though, sometime I think it would be nice to just have the adults get together so you can actually have a full conversation and not be distracted while keeping an eye on all the little ones. :))

Well, we made the get together a mini weekend get-away. We got a hotel room nearby, along with our friends (and fellow Ethiopian adoptive family) the Barnetts. We also spent the day at the beach on our way home. These upper 70 degree days are almost over so we're livin' it up as much as possible so we have memories to hold onto as we endure the next 7 months of rain!!!!

The little ones had fun with the bubbles!

Julie S. and cutie Abraham

Almaz and the Barnetts

Beach time!

If you look closely, you can see Mt. Rainer over Jake's shoulder. Beautiful!!

Jake knows how to find cool beach creatures!

Grace's new "silly girl" move. I tried not to freak out and say, "I just washed your hair!!" when she did this same move in the salt water and seaweed!!!

The drive home. Precious!!

A little video of our water baby!! She's non-stop action, this one!!


Michael and Michelle said...

I am really jealous that all you west coast families got to see Almaz!! I really wish I was there!

I can't wait to hear what she had to say about our baby:)


Hauswife said...

So EXCITING! I'm thrilled for you (and jealous!) that you got to see Almaz again! What a blessing!!!

Nikki said...

What an inspirational woman... and your daughter is beautiful!


The Six of Us said...

We get to see our lawyer this weekend up in Portland. There is something so drawing to see those from Ethiopia again.


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