Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Day of School!!!

Well, I just dropped Jake off at his first day of Pre-K (actually it's his second year in Pre-K, but since he just turned 5, he's not heading to Kindergarten this year!!) He's been really looking forward to heading back to school, and he was all smiles and Mr. Confident heading into class... several steps ahead of me I might add!! Is he already too cool for mom?? And, in the year that Grace has been home, today marks the first day that I've had Grace napping and no one else moving around the house but me!!! Ahhhh...... just maybe I'll be able to finally get some things done. Pulling myself off Blogger will be the first step! :)

Even Grace was having a good time!! She didn't want to leave.


Michael and Michelle said...

Too cute!
Isn't it grea that he likes school. My daughter cried today (she's been in kindergarten for over a week)for the first time. It was really hard to leave:(
Jacob sure looks happy to be back.


Hauswife said...

HOORAY for school! Awesome pics! Dang, your kidlets are so cute!

Our journey said...

Jacob sure looks confident. It is obvious he loves school. Grace looks like she is ready too, well at least for all the playing.


The Gresham Clan said...

He is looking SO big and adorable of course!!!


Melissa said...

Wonderful that he likes school! Such a great start--Love that Grace is ready to join Jabob--so adorable! She is one independent woman!


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