Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation!... and maybe an Ethiopian Family camping trip next summer!!!

We just returned home from a weeks' vacation! Mike's family has a cabin on the Wenatchee River so we spent our week there-- playing in the sun, the river, the lake, the pool... if there was water-- we were in it!! :) It was nice to have a week together as a family.

Here's some of the fun:

The river in front of the cabin!

Grace was VERY serious about her graham cracker!! By the way... I'm planning on posting about some new hair stuff I got for Grace!! It's amazing. I can already tell a difference in Grace's hair. This picture here was day 2-- after washing. I used to never be able to leave Grace's hair down after a night's sleep-- it was always frizzy and huge!!! She practically had a head of finger curls still defined in her hair in this picture. And.... I washed it Tuesday, today is Friday, her hair is in pigtails, but it's still really nice with pretty curls-- not too frizzy!!!

The Leavenworth pool!!Grace needed to wear goggles too! She wore them for quite awhile! She's a hoot!

I think the belly and the bum are about the same size!!!Julie B.- Grace LOVES her kitty. She sleeps with it every night and had to take it on her "go to sleep" stroller ride!!
Natalie, Kristin, and I have been talking about planning an "Ethiopian adoption family" camping trip for next summer (there are TONS of Northwest adoptive families!!!!)..... and I think my vote is for the beautiful Lake Wenatchee!!! There's a great group campsite, the lake (swimming area, playground, cool areas for exploring, bring your boat or inflatable something and explore little coves and islands, etc......) And... if you're not into camping, but think getting together sounds fun.... there's TONS of condos and cabins in the area to rent as well!! So, I guess this is becoming the first "let's throw it out there and see if anyone wants to come" unofficial invite..... to join us for a camping weekend next summer!! (by the way... Lake Wenatchee is about 2 1/2 hours east of Seattle, WA... in case anyone was wondering. :)

Here's some photos to tempt you.......



Great pictures! Please let me know about the new hair product you are using! I love Grace's hair. I am pretty sure it is exactly like Aleena's!

Michael and Michelle said...

I want to know about the new product too.....I now have a little Ethiopian baby who will need her hair done!!! Yeah!! I can't wait!
I just got the blanket today!!! I love it!! And the snuggly/lovie (the little one) is so nice. Thank you so much! I remember watching Tracie and Julie get their blankets and I could not wait to find out if we were going be adopting a boy or girl so I could get one too! I had tears in my eyes when I opened the box.....We have a baby waiting for us in Ethiopia....I feel so blessed!!!!
Suzi, you are talented! The blanket is GREAT!!!!
(by the way, i want to come camping too)

The Gresham Clan said...

Oh my goodness, that looks perfect - you've convinced me that's where we should go! Looks like you guys had a BLAST - love the pics. Do you think you'll go to Portland? I'm so bummed I'll miss it! Let's talk soon!


Our journey said...

We love camping and by next summer we should have a litttle girl!


Eryn said...

I was excited to find your blog, and see your family is from the PNW! we live in Vancouver wa, and are just starting the adoption process for a little girl. I was just saying to my hubby, what will I do with her hair? I don't have a clue...your tips on shampoo were great! I'll will be back for sure... and we love camping and i love your blankets!


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