Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun with Hair!

We had a fun slumber party with Ruby last night!! And of course there had to be bath time too!!!

I said I would post... and people have been asking. :) I just started using Curly Q Kids Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Milkshake and I LOVE all 3 products!!!! I was noticing Grace's hair was getting pretty dry-- especially in the back. I've only used these products 4 times and I can already see a difference in Grace's hair. The curls are more defined, her hair doesn't seem to get as frizzy throughout the day, and it doesn't seem as dry. :) Once I put the conditioner in, I can actually run my fingers through Grace's hair!!! There's also a hair custard; has anyone used that... or any of their other products?

"Oh Ruby, your hair feels so soft and manageable after using these new products!!"



What sweet pictures! I am going to order some of that hair stuff soon!! Aleena's hair gets dry in the back too. I have found if I condition it and then comb through it while she is still in the bath then it turns out really nice when I rinse out the conditioner. Her hair is getting longer now and I have been getting compliments on it! How fun!


Do you have a referral code for Curly Q? They are asking for one so you can earn points or something. I'll wait to hear from you so you can get the referral credit!

Mark and Sarah said...

We use those 3 products too, and love them!

Michael and Michelle said...

Is the milkshake from Curly Q too?? I couldn't find it.
I am so excited!! Soon I will have some curls to take care of. I am tempted to buy the suff now (just because I can't wait).
So excited!!
Get me your code too.
The bath picture is super CUTE!!

Teabo Chica said...

Yes they did work, thanks so much for the awesome time. I love driving in the car with you. and stalking people :) hehehehe :)

The Gresham Clan said...

Those pictures are so darn cute - I can't get over those sweet girls!!!


A Team said...



blackwell family said...

too sweet! i don't need your referral code, sorry you won't be getting any points from us- unless it makes little baldy's hair GROW!!

~Laura~ said...

What great pictures! I'll have to remember the Curly Q!!

Our Princess said...

Too sweet! Stacy H. told me about these products as well & I've already bought them & can't wait to use them on our little girl's hair! I stalked your blog a long time ago when we were first switching form the Vietnam program to the ET program. I didn't realize you were in the last travel group before closure last year! Of course, I had to go back through your old posts to see how it all worked out for you all! I hope we make it!!!! Your family is so sweet...what a wonderful blessing!

Our Princess said...

Question for you...what skin cleanser do you use on G? Thanks!


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