Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So much to be thankful for.... and a small pity party too!

OK- let's start with the pity party and get that part over with. Yeah, we're still waiting. I really can't complain. It's only been 2 months.... and 4 days. :) But, I think that I let myself get caught up into thinking that our referral would come super fast since it seemed like we were the only family requesting a 4 year old boy. Plus, so many people thought the same thing, that I was just sure we'd have our referral by Christmas. So, I guess I'm just a little bummed today.

But..... my house is full of love and joy. I surely can not, and should not be complaining!!! We had a wonderful Christmas and we just got home from a little get away with my parents. (to the not as snowy as we had hoped for, Leavenworth, WA) Jake did get on downhill skis for the first time and loved it.... and Grace had fun snowshoeing for the first time. I will, however, admit that I made Mike pack the laptop.... just in case!!!

This little video cracks me up! Grace will fully entertain herself... and others watching.... if you just stick her in front of her own reflection! Seriously, this girl starts belting out songs whenever she looks in the mirror, reflection from the stove, window, whatever!!! I think we need to put a mirror in her room!!! (at the end of the video-- Mike had snuck outside and hit the window that Grace was singing to... and scared her!!)

And a few pics from the holidays!! :)

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suzi said...

I can only imagine how the wait has been for you. We both know there is a reason for everything and His timing is perfect. So you must wait...and wait, don't be too hard on yourself, you are human ;]] The video of Grace is so funny, Rachel loved seeing her reflection, singing and dancing too. Kids are funny. Leave it to Mike to scare her...the way she covered her mouth and face, so cute!


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