Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Hair Blog ever!!! (and other stuff...)

The other day I came across this site: Happy Hair Girl It's amazing! It's an adoptive mom of twin Ethiopian 5 year old girls. She shows hair styles, hair products, how-tos, etc.!!! It's the most comprehensive site I've seen! Grace has incredibly long and thick hair and I'm really needing to keep a "do" in her hair. I LOVE her hair down-- her curls are gorgeous, but keeping it down, or even in a couple of puffs, does tangle and dry out her hair. So, I've been trying to alternate down/semi down styles with cornrows, braids, etc. where I can slather her hair in some conditioner and then bind it up to hold in all that moisture!

Though the styles take some time, I love doing Grace's hair. I usually do it in the evening, after a bath and pajamas. We sit down and watch a show, or cheesy sing a long video that she currently loves, and we sit together. While I do her hair, we talk together, sing, and laugh at the shows. It's a good 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time we get together. We do this a couple of times a week. It's t.v. time now, but as she gets older, I'm looking forward to time together to talk.

Tonight I tried something new: cornrows and Zulu knots! I've always wanted to try Zulu knots, but Grace's hair is so long that they just got too big. But, I braided her hair first, and then binded her hair at the nape, and then I did the Zulu knot with the binded hair. It's a bit wonky, but for my first time, I think it's still pretty cute on her. :)

And..... my little man started Kindergarten last week!!!! The best part is-- he's LOVING it! That's music to this momma's ears!
And..... my FBI prints FINALLY arrived!!!!! The crazy thing is, they never were "lost in the mail" like they said. They had them the entire time!!!! Today, a "reissued" letter arrived FedEx, along with my original cards that were date stamped Aug. 5th!!!!! Thank you FBI!! But, God knows when our little guy will be ready, and obviously He needed us to slow down a bit in the process so our family and little guy will be ready at the same time! :)

On to USCIS on Monday! :)


neely said...

love the hair website...thanks for the link!

JonesEthiopia said...

Thanks so much for sharing the hair website with us! I just had R's hair braided for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I love it!! But someone else did it so I'm hoping the site will help a lot. Grace's hair looks darling, and I loved the kindergarten pictures, too!!

The B Family said...

I also recently discovered Happy Girl Hair and have been studying it for the past few weeks. So informative! And there's so much to learn! It's been a great way to pass time waiting for our referral...I want to be prepared!

Karen said...

Her hair is so beautiful - I have Grace hair envy!!! So jealous! Kenzie still will not sit even close to that long - and let's face it, I've had little success "styling" my OWN hair my whole life! Still, I've got to do something - her hair is so dry! Now, if only I could tie her down and force her to sit still longer than 5 seconds...

Andrew and Amber said...

I am so impressed! Her hair is amazing! Looking forward to you officially waiting.

Michelle Riggs said...

Love the braids. You have a talent for hair.

I can't wait to follow your adoption journey.

Anna Harris said...

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