Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis the season to be crafty!

Well, I got the crafting bug this Christmas. My motivation was to save some money this year... but it ended up a lot of fun and I think I'll be continuing the craftiness. It's been a nice outlet for me. :) Jake even enjoys sitting next to me while I sew, etc... and makes his own "crafts". He informed me that he wanted to make a bumblebee doll for Grace and said that Grandma would knit the body and then we'd do the rest. We went to the fabric store, picked out yarn, felt, thule, etc..... it was pretty cute. :)

(I have found some pretty fabulous crafter blogs that share tutorials, patterns, etc. for their projects. I've listed a few down in my blogroll.)

sewing on the wings

The finished product
Grace's doll and one for my cousin's daughter
tile necklaces-- the blue Africa one has a little crystal where Ethiopia is. :)

These are art clips-- I just glued little chipboard shapes to mini clothespins and then you can hang your child's art work with these clipped to a yarn/string line attached to the wall.


Emma and Luke said...

You are so creative!! What cute projects, they turned out great! Merry Christmas! :)

Dawn said...

Cute cute cute! Love the necklaces!!

Our journey said...

You are crafty! Love everything!

Mark and Sarah said...

You are talented...and crafty! Love the Ethiopia bead in the necklace. Good work!!

Eryn said...

so cute! love the necklaces!!

A Team said...

HOw the heck did you get so crafty?

I want them all!

Heber and Chalonn said...

I've loved to be a little part of your craftiness..the bumble bee turned out sooooo cute!

Melissa said...

Suzi--your crafts are masterpieces!!! So very fun! I must tell you I get loads of compliments on the baby blanket--it got us thru our trip to Addis in many ways! Love your creativity!

Oh--I loved seeing Grace's pic framed and hung in HH!



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