Monday, October 27, 2008

My "Quiet" house.... and 18 months!

My kids are loud. There you have it. Jake is ALL boy and Grace, well..... she yells A LOT! I'm hoping and praying that as more words come, less yelling/screeching... and trips to the "no no spot" will happen! Grace is becoming more and more "opinionated" (or strong-willed as some would say). She definitely lets you know what she wants/doesn't want and she's even learned the fine art of tattling on her brother!! (if she's upset, I ask her what's wrong and she shrieks and points at Jake!) It's lovely. I had kind of forgotten that 18 months just might not be my absolute favorite stage. She's not a baby anymore, but she still doesn't have the language or skills to totally communicate her desires, but wants to do so much by herself..... so there's lots of frustration and yelling. I'm exhausted!! But, one benefit of 18 months is that she's entered the wonderful stage of independent/creative play. Grace played in the family room for almost an hour by herself this morning..... cooking in her kitchen, feeding her baby dolls, changing their diapers, pushing the babies in the stroller, playing in her little pop up play tent/house. It was pretty darn cute. Grace LOVES baby dolls!!! Grace also loves to help around the house. Whenever I change her diaper, she insists on throwing it in the garbage all by herself!! (I wrap it up nice and tight so it's not gross!) She loves to help put the laundry in the dryer, hand me the silverware as I unload the dishwasher, and she even loves to wipe down her hands, face, and tray after eating. Can you say Little Miss Independent??? So, even though things are a bit exhausting right now, on this evening of Grace's 18 month b-day...... I have to say that having this silly, loud, independent, confident, sweet, loving, snuggly, beautiful little girl has been the most amazing blessing of my life!!!

I leave you with a video-- proof of the "loudness" I call my children!!! (Grace is in Jake's bed. That's her new thing. She loves climbing in his bed, pulling up the covers, laying down, and saying night night.... and then giggling!! She would LOVE to sleep in his bed-- but NO WAY!!!)


Michael and Michelle said...

That video is so darn CUTE!!!!!
Thank you for sharing that with us.....I can't wait for a little Ehtiopian princess to giggle and scream at our home:)


Our journey said...

Oh my, that was adorable. The thing about toddlers though is that you really get their fun personality along with that independence.

suzi said...

I love Grace's shrieks and giggles....I would never get anything done, I would be playing ALL DAY LONG! I love when you ask her to say daddy...out comes another shriek! I can almost hear her heart racing...way to calm the kiddos down right before bedtime ;]


Mark and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, her laugh is too cute!!! My Ashen is very similar with the "helping" though. The diaper, the dishwasher, the laundry, wiping up messes on the floor, etc. If only he could do all my housecleaning!! LOL. By the way, I have you to blame for my addiction to!!!

Heber and Chalonn said...

precious! I noticed during the video that hearing Grace belly laugh always puts the biggest grin on my face...there's nothing like it!

The Gresham Clan said...

OK that giggle is about the cutest darn thing!!! Your kids are so adorable. (I understand loud - isn't that just having children :) )! You're awesome!

Tricia said...

Hi There,
We learned of your blog from the AGCI testimonials. Your daughter is beautiful and this video is too cute. She seems like such a happy little girl.


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