Monday, August 18, 2008


I think you just say stuff that would normally never be formed into a sentence unless you have a boy. Like today: "Jake, take your Storm Trooper out of the tub of Salsa!!!"

There have been days that I've walked into one of the bathrooms and the sink is filled to the brim with soapy water. Jake is chasing me down the hall to make sure I don't drain the sink-- his bugs are taking a bath!!!! And sure enough, there are at least 10 plastic bugs "bathing" in my sink!!

I have come across my boy sitting in a box in the living room with swim goggles on, sweatpants on his head, socks on the hands for gloves and a very patient cat sitting in his lap with a plastic tub taped to her head so she could "breath" in outer space.... ready to take off on a space mission!!!!

And, if Jake had his way, I think he would wish his mom was a walking encyclopedia, or at least so I can answer the daily array of questions: What are the names of volcanoes in the world? Are there volcanoes in China? If so, then how many? What kind of animals eat the red, poisonous berries on the bushes? If no one eats the berries, then why were they even made? What kinds of bugs come out when it rains? etc, etc, etc..... I believe those questions were just asked in the last 2-3 days!!!

Boys have their own energy and believe me, my"spirited" one has given me a run for my money-- but.... at the end of the exhausting day..... boys are pretty darn special!!!


be_a_Mary said...

LOL!! thanks for the laugh. yes, boys are delightful--albeit, a handful (at times).

Our journey said...

Ethan is only 2 1/2, but already he is sooo different than Lily. He does things she never would have imagined doing at 2 1/2 let alone at almost 5. Messes, oh the messes! Climbing and jumping off anything that can be! Luckily, we have only been to the ER far. Exhausting is the best way to describe him, but I wouldn't trade him for anything.


The Six of Us said...

I have boys. Four of them. and you are right: there are things you never think will be in your life or come from your mouth until you have boys. If you haven't heard this song, you must. I am crying just as it plays in the background.
Love your boys and soon they will be men.

Hauswife said...

Oh, Suz, you're so right! Boys are such an adventure, aren't they? And, I LOVE Jake's questions, his "projects" around the house (LOL), and his all-boyishness! :)

Sam said...

I laughed for a long time at this


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