Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll.....

Oh- the glorious sun has finally decided to shine here in the Pacific Northwest and we took FULL advantage of our 70-80+ degree weather!!!! We hit the beach on Thursday and Saturday and the park with boyfriend Ben before we had to take Jake to school on Friday.

I think it's official...... Grace is definitely a beach girl!! And I'd have to say one of the cutest seaweed monsters around-- thanks to her brother and friend Ryan!! (and maybe mom helped a bit too!!)
Grace is all about blowing kisses-- here is the double kiss! The other night she looked right at Mike at the dinner table and just blew him a kiss-- out of the blue!! LOVE it!
To our sweet little Ben-- we will miss him. Ben, and his family, are moving to Portland next weekend!!! :( Even though Ben would cry, or run and hide by his mom every time Grace let out one of her "endearing" shrieks, we know he has a soft spot for an outspoken little lady!! And he always gave her the sweetest kisses and hugs.

Speaking of Grace's shrieks..... it's been a LONG week or so. I'm not sure how our perfect, sweet, happiest little one turned on us... but she did!! :) She shrieks/yells if she wants something, doesn't want something, wants to be doing something else--but hasn't figured out how to crawl yet so she can't get herself there, etc...... Things have actually gotten a bit better these past few days, but consistency has been the key with her. We're constantly saying, "use your nice words", "no yelling", etc.... I have even had to remove her from the dinner table a few times for her yelling when she wanted more food...... but she's now starting to sign "more" or let out a softer little "yelp" when she wants something. But, she's definitely quite the "girl" compared to the things we dealt with with Jacob. Many more emotional outbursts/little fits these days. We've had to adjust our parenting technique.... but things seem to be getting better-- at least for the time being. We'll be dealing with "issues" with both kids FOREVER, but the first set of behaviors always seem the most shocking. As one friend said, "It looks like the honeymoon stage is finally over!!" Now don't get me wrong... Grace is still sweet and happy and just so darn cute ..... she's just starting to enter the world of being a toddler! Hold on!!!!!


blackwell family said...

LOVE the picture of Grace in her sea weed dress! She is just too cute. I forgot to ask how your appointment went the other day. Catch up soon... Tuesday night? I will make my cherry pies. :-)

Kristi J said...

she's just too cute...I love all the pics,
Kristi Johnson

Our journey said...

Wasn't this weekend just beautiful! I love the piture of Grace in her seaweed dress. Isn't it funny how kids are so different and what works for one doesn't work for the other. Our two are certainly like that.

Good luck,

julie_joshb said...

love the pics. u look so pretty! i miss you!

TedTracie said...



They are precious !!!!

~Laura~ said...

That is one PRECIOUS seaweed monster you have there! :)

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Adorable!!! I also have to say that we finally made our case through court. I have pics of Hope.... see you at my blog.


Love the rolls, how adorable. They just wouldn't believe it back in Ethiopia would they??
About the dairy. Yes Aleena is allegric to it big time. We use Rice Milk in place of cow's milk. We haven't had cheesy dishes in a really long time. We always order cheeseless pizza for her with lots of dipping sauce that she loves! She loves tomatoes! Sometime she can tolerate chicken dumplings with cream of broc. and cream of chicken canned soup in it but not mac in the cheese is real or something! And she can tolerate butter but not yogurt, ice cream etc. She likes soy yogurt. HTHs it can be difficult!

The Gresham Clan said...

OK, these have got to be the cutest pictures ever! You're children are just so beautiful. I'm so looking forward to hanging out in a few weeks - hooray! Talk soon...



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