Friday, April 25, 2008

lovin' life!

Grace's b-day is Sunday. We had a little get together with her friends today.... I'll post more pics later, but I just had to share this one. Ruby gave the outfit to Grace!!!!!! LOVE it!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

I love the outfit. She looks so cute and so ready for the picture like always. There you have America's Future Top Model. God Bless Her.

blackwell family said...

Seriously cute!! Love that smile! We had a great time today. Thanks for including us, even though we aren't part of the Ethiopia gang. :-)

TedTracie said...


Michelle Riggs said...

I love it! She is beautiful. I hope that she has a wonderful birthday tomorrow.

Michael and Michelle said...

I Love the picture of Grace!! Her thighs are so CUTE!!! What a happy little girl.
Can't wait for more pictures!

Our journey said...

Talk about adorable! She seems to know it too! Happy Birthday Grace.



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