Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She's official???

Well, on Monday we re-adopted Grace! Hmmm.... I know that she was legally ours in Ethiopia, but I guess this was the way to legally change her name, obtain a Certificate of Citizenship, apply for a Social Security card as a US citizen, etc.... (gotta love the paper chase!!) And, we did it without a lawyer, so it was a little trickier, but had help from our wonderful Social Worker and Mikelle (another Ethiopia momma!)

The day was special. We did our readopt with two other AGCI families-- the Leasures and Barnetts. We've been having regular playdates since we've all been home with our kiddos, so it was a lot of fun. Plus, Jacob got to be part of it along with my parents. :) (when we told Jake that we were going to readopt Grace, he said, "I don't want to have to give her back; I want to keep her forever!!" Guess we didn't really explain what readopt meant!!)

Here's the group:


julie_joshb said...

love love love the pic! How cute are all the kiddies together. i dont want to hire a lawyer! hmmmmmmmmmmm help?

love u so much!

Michael and Michelle said...

Your son is such a sweetie! I love that he said that. It makes me want cry that he loves his sister so much.
Please keep making the blankets until we get our referral. I don't know if we will get a boy and girl but I want one.

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Hey Susie! Lori & I are planning to readopt w/o an attorney as well. It is a little intimidating so ANY advice is appreciated!!

Our journey said...

Yeah! I will come looking for advice next year when we are "readopting." How neat that you are so close to the twins and Ben.


TedTracie said...


How cool is that...
while you were doing that yesterday I was in the ER with Abel. long evening!!!

You guys look adorable!


No lawyer??? HOw the heck did you do that?

The Gresham Clan said...

How wonderful - I love what your son said. How precious that he loves his sister so much! You're a beautiful family!


shelly said...

love the picture with your son's hand raised along with you and your husband's for the cute!

God Gift From Ethiopia said...

Probably you will be helping a lot of us in this process. Congratulations

Teabo Chica said...

Priceless Jakes face in that picture he is so serious, he really means business, and I love that He loves Grace so much, oh love it! Okay you have encouraged me to get it done, chat soon.
ring ring ringa ring ring!

Emma and Luke said...

Yeah! I love that it's all "official" here now and that Jake got to be a part of it. The pictures are great and Grace is as cute as ever!


These are great pictures! I was so bummed to have our readoption just sent to us in the mail! I so wanted to go to the court house and in front of a judge...just for pictures ya know! How fun to do it with some other families. Isn't God so cool, how He just loves to bless us in the big and the small?
Have a blessed Easter!
jen in MI

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Awwwwe! How cute that he said he didnt want to give her back. That is cute as can be and both of your children are adorable!

Hauswife said...

HOORAY! I know it seems crazy to call it "official" now, but it's kind of nice to have a formal US setting to celebrate the final paperwork, right? Our date isn't until June because we took forever to get around to finish filling out the forms. Bad parents!


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