Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So many girls, so little time!!!

Cutie Pie Ben was able to join our little play date today! What a little man! It's fun to watch all the kiddos squeal, smile, and reach out to touch and grab at each other. They're soooo cute!!! Apparently, Grace thought all of this was just too funny because she's cracking up in most of the pictures! It's just such a blessings to have our babies home and not only are the kiddos forming friendships, we moms are becoming friends too!! What wonderful women I have met through blogs and our agency. Adoption not only "grows a family" it also brings people into your life that you would have otherwise never met!

Over the weekend, we met up with Natalie and her family for a fun outing and then out to eat!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

These pictures are adorable. Is so great to live close together and be able to meet after the adoption and give the babies the opportunity to develop a forever friendship.


What a gift to have these relationships!! The pictures are adorable!
jen in mi

Mark and Sarah said...

Your daughter and all the others are SO cute! We'd love to hook up with you sometime since we're in the area too. I hope you are well.

The Hausams said...

How much fun! I can hardly wait 'til it's our turn! Hey, also, about the homeschooling materials, I have a name for you. I'll email ya.

shelly said...

oh my goodness...Grace made me laugh with the picures of her cracking up

TedTracie said...

I can not get over how Gracie's little smile is SO HUGE! SHE IS A HAM and a HALF!

Also... very cute shirt down there on the bottom (yours... little Ms. Stylish!)

Tracie :-)

Jesse, Amy, & Rachel said...

i'm jealous! I want to come! :)

Teabo Chica said...

Hey Suzi who is that really cute mom with the cute baby next to you in the picture....she like should tottally be in a magazine, hot tamale!!


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